Tips Computer Learning Guide Self-taught

Some tips and tricks that can be my friend did as a guide for learning self-taught computer.

Own learning without a teacher, my friend can learn from books, the Internet, or from anywhere.

Dear Buddy computer wherever you are. Hopefully always healthy and passion in carrying out your days.

See you again together, we will learn more about the Learning Guide Computer Self-taught.

Computer Learning Guide, 6 Tips Computer Learning Guide Self-taught
Self-taught Learning Experience

Someone who has now mastered the computer may not be all of the buddies learn by course or training. There may also taught himself the alias learn on their own. Well here I also experienced what alamai pal.

I’ve a computer course but it was limited to MS Word and Excel are the most basic. Well rest up like this I learned by Self-taught. How do the trick? We’ll try to share some tricks Computer Learning Guide Self-taught to mate all.

Computer Science is a science that is Easy

Why we can study computer science itself? The answer is that computer science is a science that is easily mastered. Computer science is the science of the theory and practice although almost certainly, without practice you will never be.

But without theory you still might be able to master the computer. Computer science is the science that is easy to learn as long as our interests and tekum and not easily bored. And computer science can be said instant science. Because we can learn instantly in a short time.

Self-taught tricks Computer Learning Guide

There are a few tricks that I can take from my experience learning self-taught computer. I first learned without notice and think that way. This time I try to share with my friend all. Some Tricks Computer Learning Guide Self-taught

1. First Computer Learning Intention

To do something with the intention to be bound. Likewise Learning Computer Self-taught. Buddy must intend in your heart and what my friend wrote, if necessary with a large piece of paper.

Buddy paste on the wall of the room, so my friend dadu online could read it every day. The strong intention will generate a tremendous effort. Try to keep the intention not to fade

2. Go Into Bookstore

The second. Computer Learning Guide Self-taught tricks. Buddy can certainly read right? heheheh joke !!! Buddy please go to the nearest bookstore.